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Large Office and Shop in Blaine, MN

Service Grinding & Sharpening Inc., SGSI, is located in Blaine, Minnesota. In 1978, SGSI opened with one sharpening machine. Thirty-five years later SGSI has grown into one of the major sharpening companies in the Midwest. SGSI provides top quality sharpening of a wide variety of specialty knives. FROM SLITTERS TO DRILL BITS IF IT HAS AN EDGE, WE CAN SHARPEN IT!

CanSharpenWith beginnings in a garage, we at SGSI has never lost sight of treating our next customer with as much focus and enthusiasm as our last customer; whether you are a large corporation, a local business, or even a one man shop. Your business, as well as your product, matter to us. We have always prided ourselves on our flexibility to meet our customers demands. Whether it is a strict deadline or a different degree to your edge, we are here to communicate with you and give you what you need. Your triumph is our triumph.

From our 35 years of experience, there is not a lot we haven’t seen. Our trained staff have experience with working with any material along with any object ranging from medical knives and jerky meat slicers, to carbide tipped band-saws and floor scrapers. We pull from our experiences, our knowledge, and a drive to stay at the front of our field with state of the art techniques to accomplish any job a customer presents us with. If it has an edge, we can sharpen it; and we stand by that. Nothing makes us happier when a customer presents us with a challenge and we complete it flawlessly. With this approach towards sharpening we have developed ways to sharpen products that before were usually replaced, saving businesses money.

SGSI has been offering up one simple motto since 1978; if it has an edge, we can sharpen it!

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