Printing & Bindery Sharpening

SGSI understands the time demands of a printing industry and the need for a high quality product accompanied by a fast turn-around rate. We take all our customers’ situation and requirements into consideration to cater to each of their own individual diverse needs. This personal touch accompanied by our experiences, creative approaches, vast knowledge and fast turnaround puts us in a unique position to cater to your sharpening needs.

SGSI sharpens all paper knives, HSS and carbide that are used in the printing and bindery industry. We have equipment dedicated to sharpening printing knives exclusively. We are outfitted with two German Göckel grinders, which enable us to sharpen cutter knives up to 153 inches in length. We hand hone every blade for a precise edge to achieve the quality you expect.

SGSI is able to do precision grinding of Tidland slitters and anvils.

  • paperKnivesWe can sharpen any paper knife HSS/Carbide from 1 inch to 153 inch with precision and give your knife the edge it is suppose to have. The price of re-sharpening is a fraction of buying new.

  • cutsticksWe can order any cutting stick to fit every paper cutter model. It is simple to find the corresponding sticks for your cutter.

  • Any kind of slitter knife can be sharpened at Service Grinding and Sharpening from 1 inch to 24 inch. By re-sharpening your slitter knives you will extend their life. Everything from core cutters, perforated cutters, cpm slitters, steel and carbide anvils. SGSI can sharpen circular perforator and core cutters with no problem. We put a mirror finish on all of our slitters for the best edge you can have. Service Grinding and Sharpening is able to re-sharpen several times to maximize the useful life out of your circular perforator or core cutters.


  • Service Grinding and Sharpening can sharpen your beat up chipper knives and make them brand new. Our magnetic clamp vertical head knife sharpeners, precisely sharpen your chipper knives to correct angles. A cooling system is used to ensure that the knives stay cool at all times during the sharpening process. Rather than buying new knives, chipper knife sharpening can save you up to 75%, compared to purchasing new knives. Each knife can be re-sharpened 3-4 times. When you re-sharpen your chipper knives your machinery doesn’t have to work as hard letting you use less fuel. SAVING YOU MONEY!


  • bits21We can handle any paper drill your outfit may use. Service Grinding and Sharpening has the equipment to re-sharpen any size of paper drill. The price to re-sharpen is a fraction of buying new.

  • ComstockWescott10 Tooth 

    We have mastered the grinding of a 10 tooth rougher saw.  Whether  it is left hand or right  it is not a problem. We are able to re-sharpen your blades several times to maximize the useful life.

    20 Tooth

    20 tooth rougher saws are sharpened to return the edge to the precise angle they once were. . SAVING YOU MONEY, over buying them new.

    44 & 48 Tooth

    44 & 48 tooth rougher saws can be sharpened to bring back the edge. SGSI holds tight tolerances so you can have the best cutting edge. By re-sharpening your saws you will extend their life.

  • 72 tooth finishing saws are sharpened to a precise edge to ensure the best cutting edge possible. SGSI also takes down your raker teeth to OEM factory specifications. SAVING YOU MONEY, over buying them new.

  • corona-bitsCorona Bits are no problem for us to sharpen. Service Grinding and Sharpening have tooled up our shop to sharpen any kind of bolt in tips you may have. As we sharpen your bits correctly we can extend the life of them.
  • BinderySawsCarbide Slasher Teeth are sharpened on a sturdy tool and cutter grinder with fine grit wheels to give you a mirror finish and the right angles on you slasher teeth.

    Gammler Saws are also done in our shop. SGSI resets all teeth to the same size and grind to specification it should be at. We also carry all new teeth for your Gammler saws from 12 to 24 tooth left or right.

    When your bindery saws need tips replaced we have all the tips in house.  So you have your saws back in service right away.

    SGSI takes great care in getting the most life out of your saws by not over grinding the teeth.