Quality and performance is what the job demands. Service Grinding and Sharpening suggests only the Best in Tools for the job. Once the life of your blades, saws and tools has run its cource SGSI can work with you to replace them with high quality pieces.


  • leitzBitLogo

    Leitz offers the very latest tooling technology in their saw blades, CNC routing and drilling, hogging tools, planing tools, profiling tools, rabbeting and grooving, and finger jointing. Here at SGSI we are proud offer the full line of Leitz tooling to our clients.

  • AmanaSawbladesService Grinding and Sharpening sells Amana Tool’s industrial saw blades and dado sets.


  • Freud-Stacked-Dado-BladesSpecially designed for the needs of the construction and remodeling market. Service Grinding and Sharpening offers saw blades and dado sets from Freud.


  • whitesideBitLogoSGSI sells quality router, compression, and spiral bits from Whiteside. Whiteside bits are made from solid alloy steel and were rated #1 by Fine Woodworking.

  • FreebornBladeSince the 1970's, Freeborn Tool Co. has been a leading manufacturer of tooling for the woodworking industry. All Freeborn cutters go through a stringent quality assurance program throughout the manufacturing process. Service Grinding and Sharpening offers three wing cutter stile and rail sets custom cutters from Freeborn Tool Co.

  • OnsrudBitOnsrud manufactures high speed machining products that offer more efficient tooling. Sell a variety of cutting tools including up down spirals, and end mills for your next project.

  • VortexShakerBitsLogoVortex Tool Company has built a reputation as an innovator, manufacturing high performance compression tools and spiral bits for the woodworking and plastics industries. Vortex produces tools with cutting edges in various grades of carbide, stellite, high-speed steel and polycrystalline diamond.