Specialty Sharpening

We at SGSI pride ourselves on coming up with new creative ways to sharpen just about anything out there. We’ve had numerous customers send  us obstacles and challenges of blades that are near impossible to sharpen. We always come out on top with a high quality product to send back to them at a low cost.

Over the years, we have come up with ways to recycle disposable blades to increase their lifespan. We advise our customers to alternative options, like sharpening existing tools rather than  replacing them with new tools to keep costs down.

From high production jobs to 1 piece jobs we cover it all. Let our vast knowledge and diverse experiences work for you.

Send us a print or a sketch and let us take a look at it and see if we can help your business out in any way.

  • Bandsaw
  • ChainSaw2
  • FloorScrap

An example of specialty blades we sharpen are:

  • Medical Knives  •  Labeling Razor Blades  •  Jerky Meat Slicers
  • Floor Scrapers  •  Chipper Blades  •  Ultrasonic Cutters
  • Chain Saws  •  V-belt Slitter Blades
  • Bandsaw Blades
    • SGSI can sharpen carbide tip bandsaw blades from 9 inches to 45 inches. We do not sharpen steel bandsaw blades because the are cheaper to buy new then sharpen.
  • No matter what you need us to work on, we will work with you to give you what you need.